Selling a Business & Web Statistics reports

We are now  in  the new 2020 financial year. After an increase in enquiry in June  sales and deals picked up in July with 6 deals in the system. Best areas of demand are: Businesses that make over $100K for the proprietor, and with strong assets, which in turn makes funding more straightforward. There is still a market for micro businesses, but we need good records or very good asking prices.



Our clients are offered a multi level marketing solution:

1.4 websites, including this one

2.Social Media exposure

3.Direct mail to persons of influence and our subscription database of enquiries.

4. Newspapers.


A recent endorsment from the former owners of TJM Albury, sold at asking price:

Adam Maras recommends PETER Campbell REAL Estate: “Peter was very easy to deal with and made selling our business that much easier.” Stats for our website for 1 January to  August 6 2019 are below. Notice the increase post election.

Month Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
Jan 2019 3,552 7,192 20,439 55,878 980.91 MB
Feb 2019 4,046 6,319 24,484 83,327 1.51 GB
Mar 2019 4,390 9,274 36,873 70,660 982.46 MB
Apr 2019 2,949 5,151 18,013 39,122 653.92 MB
May 2019 4,238 6,313 25,309 85,691 1.20 GB
Jun 2019 4,611 7,093 27,884 134,392 2.31 GB
Jul 2019 3,612 5,301 19,308 63,690 1.03 GB
Aug 2019 644 794 2,433 15,939 383.73 MB

When is the best time to sell?

Below are a few tips for consideration when you are thinking about selling your business.

Probably when the business is well established and generating good profits. Always allow a reasonable selling period – typically up to 6 months or even longer.

So what documentation is needed to sell your business?

  • Up to date financial statements, including copies of recent Business Activity Statements (BAS);
  • A list of equipment to pass with the business, and whether it is encumbered ( i.e. leased/ chattel mortgaged etc);
  • A copy of your current lease, or alternatively a proposed rental or sale price for your property;
  • If your business is located in Victoria, and its plant & good will figure is less than $450,000, you will also need – at the time of deposit or contract – a vendor’s statement (Sn 52)  about the performance of the business. NB This does not apply to licensed premises.